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no more nonsense.
5'3.5" 120 lbs
not trying to be a skinny bitch
but be ripped, at any weight.
questions? ask away!
my husband: Peter Gets Ripped



For real!

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Fri 1st Feb
1 year ago

Finally. Gotta keep on training!

Finally. Gotta keep on training!

Tue 29th Jan
1 year ago

I still haven’t stepped foot in the gym. It’s so much harder having a young baby on the boob. Sure, I have milk stored in the freezer, but this guy has been cranky and only wanting me because he’s teething. But today’s the day. I need to stop waiting for my husband who keeps having “last meals.”

Bye bye baby belly fat! (And same goes for the ret of you all over my body! Lol!)

Sun 27th Jan
1 year ago

Sat 26th Jan
1 year ago

  • Me:So listen, we need to talk.
  • Fat:Is something wrong
  • Me:Its just.... Well, Its not working out
  • Fat:But- but, we've been together for so long
  • Me:There's someone else
  • Muscle:Hey there, baby

Fri 25th Jan
1 year ago

October 2011 was my last post… A month later, I found out I was pregnant. Needless to say, my vow to myself about getting back into it was forgotten. My first trimester wiped me out, but I did try to get to the gym later when I had more energy.

Cut to the end of my pregnancy. The day I gave birth, I had gained about 50 lbs. SHH! No one knows! Lol. 6 months later, I have now cut that weight and am 5 lbs til I am the weight that I was when I found out I was pregnant…

But that’s still super far from where I was 2 years ago and where I want to be. I just need to balance things so I can keep my milk supply up. I’m definitely looking forward to gaining my strength back and laughing at guys who can’t lift nearly as much as I can, and especially being skinny again. This baby pooch is not cute! (Though the baby that came from it sure is lol)

Thu 6th Oct
3 years ago

How did I let myself slip so far? It all started when my parents came to visit last year and I haven’t been as focused since… I don’t feel myself.

My confidence is lacking and I’m constantly questioning myself and my husband because of the way I see myself in the mirror. It’s sad that I let myself get so affected. It’s also sad to see that I have lost a lot of muscle and strength that I worked so hard for.

It has now been a couple months since I’ve been to the gym, mainly because I have been so consumed with work. It’s not right, not making time for myself.

So here I am, making a promise to myself, to get back on my motivation train and look and feel better than ever!

Here we gooo!

Thu 12th Aug
4 years ago

Went for a nice run today at the gym. I have been neglecting my cardio as of late and got to blow off some much needed steam. (It was a stressful day.) I realize I get a crazy good workout when I’m mad. It feels good, and boy do I feel great afterwards. Here’s to another day of awesome cardio tomorrow. Gotta melt all my fat and I’ll probably still need to relieve some stress. Good night!

Mon 2nd Aug
4 years ago

I’m back! I should be stronger, but we took a hiatus from the gym because we were so busy. Time to get crazy again lol

I’m back! I should be stronger, but we took a hiatus from the gym because we were so busy. Time to get crazy again lol

Thu 15th Jul
4 years ago

I hate falling off track. The worst part is it happened twice. Both time because I got sick! When I’m sick I am too weak to workout and I eat what I can because I want to get better. Fast forward to feeling fat and nasty. 

Granted, I haven’t let myself fall that far back, but my body doesn’t feel right. I’ll post in a bit with my workout log. Feels great to be getting back on schedule.